ISS EarthKAM workshop

Mission 63 of ISS EarthKAM Workshop was conducted with 60 students in delhi in last week of September.

An ISS EarthKAM workshop was conducted for 60 students of Delhi in the last week of September 2018. The workshop was organised for the students of grade 8 onwards. The students used the facility provided by NASA to take pictures of Earth from Space and to learn about the geological features of Earth. The students clicked over 200 images of which many are sent to them for analyse and learn.

ISS EarthKAM stands for International Space Station Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students. The program is every year for 4-6 times and students get the opportunity to look at earth from space through the pictures they request using special codes and the images acquired thus is used in the better understanding of the topography, geological features and also for identifying the changes caused due to global effects and natural disasters.

The students learnt the procedure of for clicking images in a 3 hour workshop. Internet, computers and other facilities were provided by their respective schools for them to participate. Below are some of the stunning pictures taken by the students.

Enjoy the pictures in full screen view.


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