Our Genesis

Astrophile is not a name but an identity in itself. Each one of us has dreamt of reaching high up in the skies and wished to be amongst the stars that shine bright above us.  The thought of going to space and looking at the million sources of immense light has always been fascinating to many if not all.

Whether its the “Rabbit on the Moon” or seeing the craters that shroud its surface. Whether it’s learning about “The Aakash-Ganga” or the other galaxies that paint the universe in a multitude of hues, we’ve all hoped to be up with them as one for our love and awe of what surrounds us but yet is unknown. But somewhere in between growing up and building a life, we forgot those little “Big Dreams” as we tried to become ‘The Someone” in the crowd.

Thus was formed ASTROPHILE.

Astrophile is not an organisation but a platform that provides you resources and “a beyond” all experience that will remain with you forever. As part Astrophile’s program, we will aim to get your team up close and personal with the stars, talk about the galaxies, learn about the solar system and most importantly – to ask questions. Questions that you have always had in your minds but never the time nor the resource to ask about.

We offer you the time, the right people with right knowledge and above all an insight into what is easily the greatest mystery of our lives — OUR UNIVERSE.

Get hands-on knowledge on how to operate and look into a telescope, ask questions to people with that deeper knowledge and treat your eyes with an understanding of the mystery. We welcome you on this exciting journey with us and be part of many burgeoning stories.

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