What We Do

We do some very simple and basic stuff: we provide hands on learning experience to students with the help of very basic yet effective tools to develop scientific temperament among the young ones. The topics cover a wide variety of subjects and concepts bridging the gap between various streams of science and maths. With STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) related topics, we ensure an overall development of the students in an environment which they like – “outside the classroom”.

Science and Astronomy Workshop Series

20180803_130238Topics of various curriculum created and presented using a combination of multimedia content and hands on activities for a better understanding of the concepts and greater learning of the science behind it. Group activities not only help learn better but also bring out social skills like team building, leadership qualities and being a team players.

Science and Astronomy Curriculum Series

School Curriculum ProgramSame flavour served differently but more systematically. In curriculum series, a number of concepts are covered and shared among the students with more emphasis on follow ups, Q&As and reiteration of explanation. The curriculum series deals with several concepts of same subject discussed over a period of one academic year. The delivery is a combination of general talks, multimedia presentations, hands on activities and field trips.

Short Field Trips

DSC8447Short field trips include day trips to near by places for educational excursions. The most common examples of such outing can be educational visits to various industries like manufacturing, food processing, automobile and dairy. The visit to planetarium and museums are also organised. Visit to astronomical observatory can be arranged depending approval from the observatory.

Long Field Trips

excursions to mountainsLong field trips include trips to mountain for some fun, adventure, sightseeing and most important learning in the lap of nature. The mountains has a diverse ecosystem and a different lifestyle to offer while it test your endurance and strength. The sky shines bright and from sunrise to sunset shows you a new colour every instant. Spending two – three nights in the mountain can teach us a lot about this different world altogether.

Special Events

SpecialInteresting things do not happen often. To spice up your learning, often we collaborate with national and international agencies to create more exciting opportunities for the students to work and learn. These special events can be celestial events like eclipses and observations or scientific projects like Asteroid Hunting or EarthKAM.

Corporate Affairs

phanish_puranam_what_corporate_strategists_need_to_know_about_synergies_0Astrophile is quickly becoming synonym of astronomy education in India. With more travel companies seeking our assistance in offering astronomy programs to their clients. With clients from all age groups and from all sectors of the society, Astrophile is becoming a one stop solution for educational and corporate institutions in India.



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