AIASC 2018 Kicking off

Astrophile – International Astronomical Search Collaboration (AIASC) Campaign starting from June 6th to July 4th

An exciting opportunity for students to work with astronomers on the realtime data analysis and contributing towards the field of science came up last week. The campaign initiated by international body “International Astronomical Search Collaboration” and extended the opportunity to us to bring forward the deserving and capable students to get inclined towards the scientific research.

The opportunity was further passed on to Pathways School, Noida where 6 students in two teams participated in the event. The workshop, was conducted by Astrophile on Saturday, June 2, 2018. The students showed exceptional excitement and competence during the workshop and understood the importance of the exercise very well.

The students were trained on Astrometrica software and learnt to do data analysis on the same. The workshop continued for 4 hours and the students and their coordinator were highly enthusiastic and excited to learn a new skill. Below are the pictures in action.

Team Astrophile wish the students all the best and happy hunting!


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